Who’s going to replace your tired garage roof?

Who’s going to replace your tired garage roof?

Part 1

Yes, the garage door is shabby looking, but it’s the high position of the door lock which caused us concern. With this we knew we were looking a canopy cone and cable door and repair would only be a short-term fix. We suggested replacement with a retractable door; No cables are used in the lifting operation, instead spring assisted side mounted lifting arms assist the opening of the garage door.

The re-roof was straightforward as we work on this garage design regularly. The roof and fascias are in dark ‘Juniper’ green which in this light looks more like a grey.

According to the customer, the sheets were removed in just 5 minutes. Handling always is always in accordance with all relevant Hazardous Waste Regulations.

This job was in Hertfordshire but that week we were found in South, West and North Yorkshire, The Wirral, North West, Suffolk, Worcester, Banbury, Essex and The Midlands.

Part 2

If it was all about price, then we would simply have re-cladded the fascias on this Compton Building. After all, every one of our rivals does.

#comptonspares we know we’re better than this. With unsurpassed levels of customer service, installation, product and warranty we guarantee a flawless buying experience. We’re Which? Trusted Traders. Now compare that to the rivals.

This is a Compton Building and our reputation was built on our knowledge and expertise in these buildings. The roofing is pre-cut, stocked and ready to roll out of any one of our industrial units and the PVC fascias are stocked in all the popular sizes.

Guttering was added to this building too and notice the absence of PVC side barge boards. Barge boards are for amateurs. This building has again benefited from our unique knowledge of this building and we’ve used steel brackets as Compton Buildings intended.

Another reason to Better Buy #comptonspares

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