Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away! Ashley Richard Timms

This is a rather sensitive issue not in the least that highlights our naivety when it comes to people. We still remember when as fledging company nobody would allow us credit. “If only they could see past our circumstances and take us on our word” we would often ask ourselves. So, when we met two young men, Ashley Timms and his companion Paul @ARThomeimprovmentlimited we hesitantly offered them short term credit.

It quickly came to light that the two were also plainly incompetent when they provided a concrete floor too narrow and 3in out-of-level.

The company “A.R.T. Home Improvements Limited” #Sheffield had already deceived Companies House when they set up a bogus registered office which the bailiffs pointed out is nothing more than a residential address.

Ashley Timms a former professional footballer is better known for his gambling habit and tabloid newsworthiness (Ashley has been jailed twice for some pretty cruel nasty and immoral acts).

With untold broken promises we eventually obtained a County Court judgement again ART Home Improvements. Have you ever watched Can’t Pay? We’ll Take it Away! Just watch this space.

Find out more about the past exploits of this Ashley Timms, crook




Registered office addressUnit 1, 188 Pinsent Millsands, Sheffield, United Kingdom, S3 8NG

(A.R.T. Home Improvements Limited Company Number 11169949).

County Court judgement No. E4QZ0K30
1 officer / 0 resignations
TIMMS, Ashley Richard

Correspondence address
Unit 1, 188 Pinsent, Millsands, Sheffield, United Kingdom, S3 8NG





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