Question: Do you repair carports Answer: No, not very often

Question: Do you repair carports Answer: No, not very often

Mrs. Gilmore, Sheffield had some difficulty conveying her needs to us over the phone, so we quickly dispatched someone to view her building. Having taken stock of her requirements it made sense to recover her carport too.

Much of the timberwork was past its best and we renewed the rear window and a good number of the structural members. What’s not entirely clear within these photos is that the garage front pillars were also repaired using PVC hollow board.

It is worthwhile noting that the front fascias are a one-piece extra-wide item which is so far limited to white. We believe that the light-grey coloured roof gives the building a very pleasing colour contrast.

It’s a travesty

It’s a travesty that we received only a 4 STAR review on for what is in our opinion a fine example of the versatility, planning and design available only from

Mr. Algar, had been toing and froing between different suitors and the offerings were often conflicting. In the end, won the day with their offer to replace the entire fascia unit and not simply a cheap re-clad, a choice of roofing colours and with a full-span 15ft wide main door to the manufacturers original designs.

The results speak for themselves

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