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Planning permission
Published By : Garden Building Centre | Tel. 01246220301 Published Date : 10/15/2010

planning permission

Concrete Garages and Garden Buildings | Planning advice England & Wales. 

It is a common misconception that Planning Permission is not necessary for concrete buildings sectional and portable i.e. concrete garages, sheds and greenhouses. This simply isn′t true. Read on…

Usually, in the majority of situations, no. Planning permission is not normally required due to the nature of our product - i.e. "portable sectional building" - providing that the structure is within certain size and height limits which in turn are governed by the type and other aspects of your property. The usual criteria to meet to avoid planning permission are...

  • The proposed building is not in front of the building line.
  • The proposed building is under 30 sq. metres and under 70 cubic metres in volume (or 50 cubic metres for terrace houses or houses within a conservation area).
  • Your property is not in a Conservation area or a listed building.
  • The building is less that 4m in height
  • The property has few alternations (attached or within 5m distance)

We can give guidance, but we suggest that you talk to your local planning officer if in doubt.

Also recommended is the booklet: "Planning A Guide for Householders" by the Department of the Environment. It may be available in your local library. Often your Local Authority offers a free-of-charge Householders Enquiry Form where they will consider your proposals and formally respond.

You may need permission if you intend to use your building for commercial use (i.e. an office), or if it goes against original planning permission for the house.

The Garden Buildings Centre (Chesterfield) offer FREE Technical drawings for submission to your local Planning Authority.

Examples of Volume M3(Planning) and Floor Area M2(Building Regulations)

Pent Standard Height 8ft6in x 16ft3in23.44 M3 11.71 M2Pent 7ft6in High Eaves 8ft6in x 16ft3in27.01 M3 11.71 M2Apex Standard Height 8ft6in x 16ft3in24.50 M3 11.71 M2Apex High Eaves 8ft6in x 16ft3in28.07 M3 11.71 M2Pent Double 16ft6in x 20ft3in61.36 M3 29.36 M2Pent Double 18ft6in x 18ft3in62.00 M3 29.68 M2 Find our more at