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The Yorkies
Published By : Garden Building Centre | Tel. 01246220301 Published Date : 12/28/2010


Concrete Garages manufactured in Yorkshire | 'The Yorkies'

Quick scans of Google for concrete garages with very quickly reveal that there exists only a handful of concrete garage manufacturers, a majority of which spring from Yorkshire.

Why is Yorkshire the home of concrete sectional garages? Well, the origins of at least two of the larger manufacturers of prefabricated buildings can be traced back to one original company. Other companies have simply taken advantage of the lower running costs attributed to land, labour and materials found in Yorkshire.

Land: A great of area is required to manufacture, store and thoroughly dry concrete garages. Most often the steel and woodwork is fabricated on-site. As a business expands it requires room for more heavy goods vehicles; you cannot afford to be landlocked.

Labour: In such a specialised industry having a skilled labour force is imperative in the supply and installation of concrete sectional garages. Yorkshire is renowned for its heavy industry and it is helpful to have so many installers, technicians, fabricators and joiners available to meet with seasonal sales demands.

Materials: The construction of a concrete building requires masses of steel something which Sheffield and South Yorkshire as a whole continues to specialise in.

As a whole, the cost of living in the North of England is much less than those in the South. This offers a price advantage to Yorkshire grown concrete buildings that is hard to emulate in others parts of the country.

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Background: The author has almost 20yrs retail experience in the concrete garage trade. As well as advising on the most suitable building per application advice is also tendered on groundwork preparation and all aspects of planning and building control. The writer resides in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK and operates from one of the regions largest concrete garage showrooms.

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