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Published By : Garden Building Centre | Tel. 01246220301 Published Date : 7/17/2012

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Will my concrete base be suitable for a concrete sectional garage replacement? What about access to the site?

Tolerances vary between manufacturers greatly but for the majority of manufacturers who employ (rather than sub-contract) their installation, the following rules apply.

It isn't necessary for your concrete base to be perfectly level and to a moderate degree a concrete building can built within certain tolerances. Always if you are in doubt arrange for the dealer to perform a survey but as a general rule most PENT roof garages on bases which fall consistency more than 1in(25mm) or APEX 2in(50mm) in any direction cannot be built.

It's recommended that a concrete floor be 6in (150mm) longer and wider that the proposed structure (most manufactures quote external concrete garage dimensions). Whilst again this isn't an absolute, do be mindful that your base must also be square otherwise the garage may 'fall' off the base.

Concrete garages are delivered by HGV and 7.5t rigid vehicles and so ideally, (but not an absolute requirement) will a wagon is able to park alongside your drive? As forklift delivery is preferred, will 8ft access be available with no height restriction? It is likely that you will be provided with the opportunity to complete a 'Help the Driver' form to advise on any access difficulties.

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